Peter salehi

real estate &
construction consulting


 With many years experience in the Real Estate industry I’ve worked in almost every aspect of home development, new construction, staging, and sales. My network of local professionals & friends gives me access to properties that have just been listed, or not on the market, providing buyers with an advantage in securing the home of their dreams. Experienced in the art of negotiation…

I help people buy residential real estate. Homes, condos, townhouse and 1-4 units. I work with tons of 1st time homebuyers, investors, and people relocating to and from the Southern California area …

I love interesting architecture, creative interior design, the smell of fresh wood and paint, historic old homes and beautiful new luxury construction…

Having happy clients is worth more than any commission I may receive ,Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the smiles that come as a result of a successful sale or purchase…

Location, location, location is key in Real Estate and when it comes to picking an Agent to work with you can add Experience, Experience, Experience….


Our mission is to provide our clientele with efficient, cutting-edge construction and design through the use of long-term, value-based solutions implemented with an emphasis on quality, savvy real estate investment and customer satisfaction.

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